VCH Ireland 2014

Virtual Cultural Heritage in Ireland (2014)

The State-of-the-Art and Visions for the Future

A Workshop for Cultural Heritage Professionals, Industry, Researchers and Funders / 09:00-17:30 Thursday 27 February 2014 and 09:00-16:30 Friday 28 February 2014 / Trinity College Dublin

This workshop will capture the state of the art of, and future visions for the digital recording, documenting, interpreting and communication of cultural heritage objects and environments in Ireland. Virtual Cultural Heritage technologies include the use of lasers and light to determine geometry, digital photo modelling for supplying shape and texture, and software and hardware platforms to compute, model, interact with and publish virtual objects and environments.

Mission statement

To capture the state of the art of, and develop fresh future visions for Virtual Cultural Heritage in Irish industry, cultural heritage institutions and academia, enabling sharing of new ideas and collaborative opportunities in relation to current and future funding and market contexts.


  • to establish an annual “Virtual Cultural Heritage in Ireland” event
  • to support the development of a multi-disciplinary, multi-sector network of professionals
  • to encourage and enable Irish researchers, SMEs and cultural heritage organisations to share knowledge, ideas, skills and resources that are currently locked in silos
  • to support and encourage the training of PhD students and early-career researchers and professionals in Virtual Cultural Heritage
  • to afford funding bodies an effective means of obtaining a clear picture, annually, of the state of the art of Irish research and industry in the area of Virtual Cultural Heritage
  • to support Irish researchers, SMEs and cultural heritage organisations in developing high-quality collaborative bids for national and European funding
  • to promote entry-level activities and education in Virtual Cultural Heritage that will encourage students and unemployed people to pursue careers in ‘in-demand’ areas such as computer engineering

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