Rome AD320: an online 3-D interactive digital model of the city of Rome

Dr Lynda Mulvin

Head of School

School of Art History and Cultural Policy

University College Dublin

This paper discusses ongoing project work for ‘Rome AD320’, which is an online 3-D interactive digital model of the city of Rome, that incorporates a storyline defining activities of different people, on a particular day in the life of the city. More particularly, this paper explores some critical contextual aspects that relate to digital platforms, demonstrating deliberations as to the range and level of knowledge transfer deemed necessary to enliven content deepening the learning experience. The paper also examines wider issues to include the role interactive media can play in inclusive learning environments. Issues are discussed surrounding theincorporation of interactive learning, monitoring and safeguarding best practice, while at the same time demonstrates different modes of instructive methods and behaviours. ‘Rome AD 320’ project includes an historical narrative that enlivens the digital model and balances the learning experience. This unified approach helps shape the development of 3D modeling as an educational medium. In order to establish the best teaching practices for the digital medium, it is necessary to view images differently as they are incorporated into virtual space.

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