An overview of LibViz: Data Visualisation of the Old Library

K. Ruhland, M. Sedlmair, S. Bioletti and C. O’Sullivan

The Old Library of Trinity College Dublin is a major tourist attraction in Dublin. With an ever-growing number of visitors each year the Preservation and Conservation Department of the Library has raised concerns about the impact of the environment on the collection. The location of the building in the city centre, large visitor numbers, and the conditions within the building are putting the collection at risk. To find solutions and develop a strategic plan for these problems, LibViz was designed to help the department in assessing and documenting the situation. The system visualises collected data, which includes: dust levels and dispersion, internal and external temperature, relative humidity levels and visitor numbers in the Old Library. The data, originally stored in various file formats, is consolidated in a database which can be explored using a 3D virtual reconstruction of the Old Library. With this user interface, it is possible to compare and assess the relationships between the various data sets in context.

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