Flight Path Planning Tools for Urban Heritage Documentation

Saleh Abuwarda

Doctoral Candidate

Urban Modelling Group

School of Civil, Structural, and Environmental Engineering

University College Dublin

Aeriel laser scanning is increasingly used for documenting heritage sites. However, comprehensive data collection using scanning in dense urban areas with multi-storey structures is not simple. The Urban Modelling Group at the University College Dublin is addressing this problem through the development of new aerial scanning flight path planning tools for such environments. We propose to demonstrate our current developments in this areas using a portion of Georgian Dublin.

In our demonstration we will present the following:

–        Introduction to the difficulties faced during aerial laser scanning data acquiring in urban areas.

–        Overview of occlusion types

–        Early breakthroughs in flight path modification

–        Demonstration of a new computer model

–        Current efforts for further optimisation.

–        Demonstration of the study area of a portion of Georgian Dublin with the calculated occlusions versus actual data capture

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