Neill/Hoey Lecture Theatre, Trinity Long Room Hub

09.00 – 09.30: Workshop Registration

Introduction and Welcome – 9.30 to 9.45

Session Chair: Dr Maurice Murphy, DIT and Dr Hugh Denard, TCD

09.30 – 09.45: Introduction and Welcome to VCHIreland 2014 Workshop

State of the Art 1 – Practitioners Experience 09.45 to 11.00

Session Chair: John Cahill, Chief Architect at National Monuments OPW

Paul Bryan, English Heritage – “Digital Cultural Heritage Surveys, Acquisition, Application and Archival” – the use of digital surveys across cultural heritage. Alongside the digital survey techniques this presentation will also refer to recent projects at Stonehenge, Ironbridge and Harmondsworth Barn where many survey techniques have been applied with a variety of applications.

Anthony Corns, Rob Shaw and Garry Devlin – Discovery Programme Ireland is a public institution based in Ireland, set up to pursue advanced research in Irish archaeology and promote the introduction of new technologies and new techniques into the operation of Irish archaeology. The Discovery Programme is currently participating in a 3 Year co-funded EU project: 3D-ICONS, to digitally document and make accessible 3D models of some of the most iconic archaeology, monuments and architecture across Europe. This presentation will summarise their work to digitally record archaeological monuments, buildings and architectural detail.

11.00 – 11.30: Coffee Break

State of the Art 2 – Academic Research 11.30 to 13.00

Session Chair: Dr Tracy Pickerill, Chartered Surveyor, Lecturer/Researcher in the Dublin Institute of Technology and member of the  International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) Ireland.

Dr Hugh Denard, Trinity College Dublin – The London Charter for the computer-based visualisation of cultural heritage

Dr Maurice Murphy and Conor Dore, Dublin Institute of Technology – Historic Building Information Modelling (HBIM) .

Dr Christine Morris and Frank Lynam, Trinity College Dublin – Hiberno-Cretan Simulacra: Irish virtual cultural heritage projects on the island of Crete.

Dr Lynda Mulvin and Breffni O’Malley, University College Dublin and Noho Ltd. – Rome AD320: an online 3-D interactive digital model of the city of Rome.

13.00 – 14.00: Lunch

State of the Art 3 – Demonstration and Presentations of SMEs 14.00 to 15.30

Session Chair: Garrett Keenaghan MA Assistant Head of School of Surveying DIT, Garrett is involved in a research project with TU Delft in Game Technology for Virtual Learning Environments

Gavin Duffy, RealSIM  – 3D simulation solutions for the real world

James Corbett, MissionV – Virtual Reality for Immersive Learning Experiences

Andrew Moore, Survey Instrument Services – Laser Scanning Demo

Dr Eugene McGovern, Dublin Institute of Technology, Remote Sensing for Cultural Heritage

Martin Redington, Dedicated CAD Services

15.30 – 16.00: Coffee Break

Panel Discussion Virtual Cultural Heritage in Ireland – A Vision for the Future 16.00 to 17.00

Session Chair: Dr Hugh Denard, TCD


Anthony Corns, Discovery
Gavin Duffy, RealSIM
Christine Morris, TCD
Representative from the OPW
Paul Bryan English Heritage


Emmet Theatre, Ground Floor, Arts Building, Trinity College Dublin

09.00 – 09.30: Registration

Introduction and Welcome – 9.30 to 9.45

Session Chair: Dr Martine Cuypers, TCD

09.30 – 09.45: Introduction and Welcome to VCHIreland 2014 Workshop Day 2

Visions for the Future 1 – 9.45 to 11.00

Session Chair: Dr James Carswell – Digital Media Centre, Dublin Institute of Technology

09.45 – 10.00: Niall O’Hoisin, Noho Ltd. An introduction to the work of Noho

10.00 – 10.15: Bernhard Raml, Trinity College Dublin – Using Game Mechanics to Simulate Aspects of a Historical Battle

10.15 – 10.30: Kerstin Ruhland, Trinity College Dublin – LibViz: A visualisation toolkit to support the Preservation of the Old Library

10.30 – 10.45: Frank Lynam, Trinity College Dublin – kindAReal: augmenting the Irish cultural heritage experience

10.45 – 11.00: Saleh Abuwarda, University College Dublin Flight Path Planning Tools for Urban Heritage Documentation

11.00 – 11.30: Coffee Break

Visions for the Future 2 – 11.30 to 13.00

Session Chair: Dr Christine Morris, TCD

11.30 – 11.45: John Meneely, Queen’s University Belfast – Mapping, Monitoring & Visualising our Built Heritage

11.45 – 12.00: Clíodhna Ní Lionáin, University College Dublin – The Wicklow Rock Art Project – Facilitating Virtual Access and Engagement with Prehistoric Rock Art.

12.00 -12.15: Eimear Meegan, University College Dublin It ain’t what you do it’s the way that you do it: using 3D modelling techniques to think through passage-tomb construction at Knowth, Co. Meath. 

12.15 – 12.30:  Conor Dore, Dublin Institute of TechnologySemi-Automatic Techniques for BIM Façade Modelling of Historic Buildings from Survey Data

12.30 – 12.45  Thanh Thoa Pham Thi, Linh Truong Hong, Junjun Yin, James Carswell, Dublin Institute of Technology – Linking Spatial Data to Information Systems for Visualisation

12.45 – 13.00: Sayandeep Purkayasth, Roger Stalley, John Dingliana, Laura Cleaver, Trinity College DublinA new approach to analysis of interlace in the Book of Kells

13.00 – 13.30: Lunch

Practical Session – 13.30 to 14.30pm

13.30 – 14.30: James CorbettMissionV – Virtual Reality for Immersive Learning Experiences

13.30 – 14.30: Brendan O’Neill, University College Dublin – Display/demo of 3D laser scanning  and 3D printing

Visions for the Future 3 –  14.30 to 15.45

Session Chair: Nora White, principal investigator on the Ogham in 3D Project at DIAS (Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies)

14.30 – 14.45: Selma Harrington – MEMORY SAFE HOUSE: Transformative potential of digitalizing The Sarajevo Siege exhibition

14.45 – 15.00: Karolina Badzmierowska, Trinity College DublinDigital Art History – challenging physical limitations of books.

15.00 – 15.15: Orla Murphy, University College Cork – The Visualisers’ Voices – Narratives from the experience and practice of VCH from an international survey undertaken in 2013.

15.15 – 15.30: Leah Benson, The National Gallery of Ireland – Virtual Heritage & Archive collections at the National Gallery of Ireland:  Lessons learned so far

15.30 – 15.45: Rebecca O’Neill, University of Hull – Recognising the citizen curator

15.45 – 16.00:  Coffee Break

Visions for the Future 4 –  16.00 to 16.15

 16.00 – 16.15: Dr Claire Twomey, Trinity College Dublin – Research Funding Opportunities in Ireland

Closing Session –  16.15 to 16.30

Session Chair: Dr Maurice Murphy, DIT and Dr Hugh Denard, TCD

16.15 – 16.30: Closing Remarks

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